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Using Live Edge Wood Slabs To Improve The Elegance Of Your Home

Live Edge Wood Can Enhance Your Home Décor

Finding the right touches to achieve an elegant home décor can be a real challenge. Often it is more about how a certain element is applied than what it is. For example, a slab of wood can look rough and out of place or it can be a perfect, modern piece for your home. Below are some ideas and guidelines for using live edge wood slabs to improve the elegance of your home.

Benefits of Live Edge Wood Slabs

You may have seen a live edge home decoration piece before and thought it looked cool or unique. However, according to our trusted asheville interior design professionals, ID.ology Asheville, there are several great reasons to choose this style beyond just its looks. Live edge wood slabs offer some benefits that many more processed types of furniture and décor don’t offer.

  • Eco-Friendly: Refinement of materials can be pretty harsh on the environment. Beyond the obvious wastage of trimming down wood, there is also all the energy consumption and pollution of the added work. Live edge pieces use wood in a relatively natural form with minimal refinement. This makes them more friendly for the environment.

  • Timeless: One of the most challenging aspects of home décor is creating something that won’t age immediately. After all, most of us don’t have the budget to redecorate every year. Live edge pieces are ageless thanks to their natural beauty. People have been using them in their homes for as long as humans have had furniture. This is one look that isn’t going out of style.

  • Organic Shape: Let’s be honest, most furniture shapes are pretty boring. Nearly everything is some variation of a box with shaping to make it more comfortable for use. Live edge woods slabs are organic in shape. They have a natural beauty in their lines that can’t easily be replicated. Furthermore, each piece is unique because it uses its own live edge.

  • Flexible: Live edges fit surprisingly well with a lot of other styles and furniture. This adaptability means that you can make it work with almost any other decor. For example, if you have a highly contemporary look, the live edge can work as an accent piece. Alternatively, if you have a more natural style, the live edge piece will blend right in.

Using live edge wood slabs to improve the elegance of your home also brings all these great benefits. It can be one of the most useful and enjoyable types of furniture to own.

Examples of Live Edge Wood Slabs in Home Décor

You may be sold on the concept of live edge wood but still wondering how exactly you can apply the look. These are a few types of furniture and decoration and how they can work in your home.

  • Dining Table: Dining tables are often as bland as anything in a home can be. Add a little drama to your eating area with a live edge dining table. Consider a live edge on the outside for a natural look or on the inside, filled with colored epoxy for a splash of flavor.

  • Coffee/End Table: A coffee table is a perfect way to use live edge wood slabs. It is a natural centerpiece for your living area. So, use a style that is a little beyond ordinary, rectangular tables.

  • Shelving: Whether you use the wood for a bookshelf, hanging shelves or built-in shelving, a live edge can add a little beauty to the room. Imagine keeping your books on a warm, natural shelf that is perfect for a reading space.

  • Picture Frame: Do you have a photo or painting that you want to highlight in your home? A live edge frame can help draw the eye to that centerpiece. Alternatively, add some extra warmth to your family photos with a natural looking frame.

  • Sign: Welcome guests to your home with a friendly styled sign near your entryway. Similarly, add some warmth to a room with a live edge sign featuring a favorite saying. The best part of this decoration style is that it is incredibly easy to make. All you need is a home mounting brackets and whatever decoration you want to add to the front.

  • Door: Obviously, doors need to have smooth edges to keep the wind and weather out of your home. However, you can still incorporate live edge wood slabs into them by turning the live edge towards the middle. This can give you a dramatic and eye-catching front door to welcome guests with.

These are just a few examples of how you can use live edge wood slabs in your home décor. Anything that can be made from wood can be constructed using a live edge slab. Therefore, the possibilities are almost endless. Let your imagination run wild.

Get Started In Your Home

Don’t wait to start using live edge wood slabs to improve the elegance of your home. Find a location to get your live edge wood slabs. Alternatively, call Blue Ridge Floors today at 1-800-690-1779 to learn more or place an order.



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