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Flooring Services

Providing Personalized Service for all of Your Flooring Needs

At Blue Ridge Floors we're passionate about serving our community and helping homeowners care for, beautify, and enjoy their hardwood floors. Whether you are looking to refurbish your already-installed hardwood floors with professional sanding or finishing, or are planning to install brand new hardwood floors in your space, we’ve got your flooring services covered. 

No matter what type of flooring service you’re looking for, our skilled team will deliver - the right way, the first time, and on time! If you need new oak or pine hardwood flooring installed, hardwood floor repairs, or a custom sanding and refinishing, we'll be there in a snap to walk you through some awesome options.


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Our crews are not only OCD like us, they're talented artists.

Floor Install


We come from a heritage of carpenters. Our standards are high.

Stain Matching



Sometimes doing the second half of a house after a few years is ok.

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Our stair carpenters keep their cuts tight and the glue right.

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VOC's can be helpful but for some, they are a serious consideration.

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Saving multiple wood floors a year, we dry, repair & re-sand.



Call us for your next upfit or new commercial building.

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When you need advice, we're here to help. Free of charge.

Floor Installation


Congratulations - you’re considering upgrading your home with a lifetime investment of beauty and durability: hardwood floors! 


There’s no other material that matches the glamour, ruggedness, and peace-of-mind of natural hardwood flooring - we believe that it makes every space more livable, and we take pride in creating this positive change in your home.


And, the decision to hire expert craftsmen to install your hardwood flooring not only saves you time and effort but ensures that it’s done right. You won’t have to worry about spacing, keeping it level, or smoothing out rough edges - we take care of that for you!


We offer a wide variety of wood grains, colors, and textures for your new hardwood flooring, and can help you select the one that’s perfect for your home. Our skilled craftsmen will ensure that your new hardwood floors are installed with care and precision, allowing you to enjoy them for years to come.

Sanding and Refinishing


Does your home have hardwood flooring that has been very well-loved and well-used over the years? Are you looking to give your home a makeover, to bring out the natural beauty of its assets in a more updated way?


Well, our Sanding and Refinishing services may be just the ticket! Over time, hardwood flooring can lose some of its natural luster - especially in high-traffic areas like the kitchen or family room. But, it’s easy to bring your hardwood flooring back to its former glory!


In most cases, we recommend sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors every 7-10 years to maximize their beauty and durability. And, hiring a professional to complete this careful process is the best way to ensure a satisfactory result.


When our team of skilled craftsmen sand and refinish your hardwood floors, they take great pains to avoid further damage to your floors - to the contrary, their intention is always to bring out the best in them! We also provide eco-friendly finishing options for our sanding and refinishing services, as we take pride in conserving our natural environment - and the environment inside your home.

Stain Matching


As you already know, natural hardwood floors are inherently beautiful - adding a rugged yet nurturing radiance to your home. But, selecting the right stain for your hardwood floors can take them from lovely to breathtaking!


Stain matching can add another layer of possibility to an already-precise process. Properly prepping the wood is a very important step that can easily be overlooked, and will reduce the quality and durability of your end result. 


Hiring a professional to complete each step will ensure that you can enjoy the beauty of your flooring for years to come. And our skilled artists are also experts at assisting our clients with perfectly matching the stain for their hardwood floor to their furniture, beams, or other decor elements in the home.







Custom Floor Vents


Did you know that our carpenters can create customer floor vents for your hardwood flooring project - blending in perfectly, without breaking up the texture of your room with a metal vent? Well, we can! And, it will take the look of your room from great to amazing.


There are two types of custom floor vents that we offer:


In-floor vents, commonly known as flush-mount, are totally flat and leave no edge between them and the floor. Hello, no more tripping on the edge of your floor vents! And, they are easier to clean than traditional vents, as well. Out of the two, they are more time-intensive and need to be installed by a professional, so they tend to be the more expensive option.


Drop-in vents, also known as self-rimming, have a slight edge, making them easy to install and replace if needed. However, furniture placements need to be carefully considered around drop-in vents, and they require more frequent cleaning to avoid dust build-up around the edges.


No matter which option you choose, there are pros and cons to each. Talk to us today, and our experts will be happy to help you decide which is the best fit for your home!


Stair Installation


We look for clean design, safety features, and durability when considering hardwood stair installation. And that’s because we believe that these are the most important elements to ensure that a hardwood staircase will be able to stand the test of time while keeping the family safe and adding beauty and glamour to the home.


Hardwood staircase installation can be done by a novice, and we are happy to provide a step-by-step guide to assist you. But, if you want your hardwood staircase installed with grace and ease - giving you peace of mind for years to come - our expert craftsmen are ready to help. 


Contact us for a free estimate, and we can examine your current setup in order to formulate a plan to “wow” you with your new hardwood staircase!


Water Damage Restoration


Oh no! You’ve arrived home, and your washing machine has sprung a leak, causing damage to your hardwood floors! 

Never fear! We are here to help. Refrigerators and dishwashers, sinks and washing machines - there are so many accident-prone appliances in our homes today. Water damage can negatively affect your beautiful hardwood flooring, but the damage doesn’t have to be permanent.


The first step in solving this problem is to determine the water source and repair it before moving forward. This ensures that your new hardwood flooring won’t be similarly damaged by the same malfunctioning appliance.


Next, the damaged flooring will have to be removed, and the sub-floor may need to be repaired as well. Then, a sanding and refinishing process will complete the repair.


As always, hiring a professional to complete each of these important steps will save you the headache and make sure that your new flooring will bring the room back to its former glory.


Contact Us for a Free Estimate


We want to make the process of selecting the right hardwood flooring service easy for you. Feel free to contact us for a FREE estimate, and we will deliver the information you need to make the decision that will leave you satisfied.

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