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Flooring Products

We Supply only Industry Leading Flooring Material Brands for our Projects

Priding ourselves on providing flooring products that leave you stunned.

At Blue Ridge Floors, our flooring product options have been carefully selected over the years, and we are working firsthand with each of them. They will undoubtedly add value to your home in Asheville, NCCharleston, SC and Nashville, TN. From Engineered Wood Flooring to Sand Paper, our flooring product options are guaranteed to impress your guests and freshen up the appearance of your home or business.


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No-fuss tongue and groove with a real wood top. Find Wide Plank here.



Sanding down a floor in my home is not an option. Pre-sealed.

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring


Tried and true. Raw wood flooring will never die. Locally sourced.



Kid-proof, spill-proof & we think bomb-proof. Find COREtec here

tile flooring.png


Showers & kitchens, patios & baths.. oh my. We install & seal too.

wood slabs


Live edge wood for tables, headboards and your imagination.



VOC-free is not a problem. Find Bona, Woca, Loba and more.

Flooring Supplies


Floor cleaner, sand paper, staples, wood vents and even sanding machines.

Hardwood Flooring Products and Supplies


At the heart of every beautiful home lies the choice of flooring that complements the aesthetics and stands the test of time. Understanding this, our mission is to assist you in navigating the myriad of hardwood flooring options available, ensuring that you find the perfect match that resonates with your home's character and your personal style. We're dedicated to demystifying selecting your flooring materials, encompassing everything from the initial selection to maintenance, upkeep, and beyond.

Our team of experts is on hand, offering personalized consultations to understand your specific needs, aesthetic preferences, and functional requirements. We pride ourselves on simplifying the often complex process of enhancing your home's elegance and quality, making it quick and effortless. With our comprehensive range of hardwood flooring products and supplies, we guarantee quality and durability, ensuring that your flooring choice remains timeless.

Whether you're renovating an existing space or embarking on a new construction project, our products cater to a wide spectrum of styles and budgets. Each piece is carefully selected from classic oak to exotic teak to offer beauty and resilience. Moreover, we provide in-depth guidance on maintenance and upkeep to ensure your floor's longevity and sustained appearance.

We're here to help you determine exactly what you need to know before selecting your flooring materials, as well as maintenance, upkeep, and more. Call us today to learn how we enhance the elegance and quality of your home quickly and simply.

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