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Commercial Flooring Installations

From Hospitals to Restaurants, Blue Ridge Floors always has you covered for your commercial flooring products

and services. Check out these helpful hints for your next commercial flooring project.


The Mothlight at Mr. Fred's in Asheville NC

How Do I Choose The Best Company for My Commercial Flooring?

There are many flooring companies to choose from when it comes to choosing a commercial flooring contractor. Blue Ridge Floors has been providing commercial flooring applications to the U.S.A. for over 2 decades. We have been known to consistently deliver an efficient rate of quality with fair pricing. Check out our long list of satisfied clients while you view some chiseled features of our work.

Glue-Down Engineered Flooring

Glue-Down Engineered Floors will produce the best end-result for Commercial Hardwood Flooring applications​. With this type of product and application, you won't feel the hollowness we sometimes feel with a floating hardwood floor. Your customers will understand with each step that they are walking on true wood flooring. This method is the best quality Hardwood Flooring Installation we can have for this product.

Commercial Carpet

Commercial Carpet is used in clothing stores, malls, offices and more. Blue Ridge Floors uses the best quality commercial carpet glue and seaming systems to produce an even loo for your commercial space.

Cultured Stone 

Cultured Stone can look great on waterfall features. We also use cultured stone in residential applications for showers and backsplashes.

Cultured Stone.png

What's The Best Time Of Day To Install My Commercial Flooring?

Most of the commercial jobs we do take place during the day because the jobsites are still under construction and the store may not be open. Some jobsites require that we work through the night in order not to get in the way of customers who visit the store during the day. In these cases, we typically will install one section at a time so that we can safely and efficiently complete the job.


Banana Republic in the Asheville Mall NC

How Do I Install My Herringbone Floor?

Herringbone Pattern Flooring and Chevron Pattern Flooring are products of a pre-middle-age idea. First developed by the Romans, they discovered that roads could be made much more stable by pointing the paving bricks in the direction of the flowing traffic.


Posana in Downtown Asheville NC



We start the installation by first snapping a line down the center of the room. Measure from the edge of the room to see to it that you won't be left installing tiny pieces. Give all your attention to this fist group in a line glued down to the sub-floor in a straight pattern along the snapped line. This process ensures that the aesthetics will be perfect for your herringbone or chevron hardwood floor.

Is It Possible To Repair Badly Damaged Hardwood Flooring?

In our days, we've seen a lot. Hardwood flooring typically can take a good beating. How long you ask? The average life expectancy for a true 3/4 inch thick Solid Hardwood Floor is MORE THAN 100 years. Where as an engineered hardwood floor is 40-80 years, depending on quality. We repair water damage, fire damage, cracking, splitting, cupping, splintering and any general abuse you can imagine. In most cases we can make it look like it never happened by first: finding good board replacements , and then being sure to sand and finish to blend colors where needed. This is similar to Faux Painting where an artistic touch as applied to the repair area ahead of the final coatings.

Reza and our Founder, Aaron


Rezaz Mediterranean Restaurant

How Do I Prepare The Subfloor For Commercial Flooring?

Whether you have a concrete, plywood or solid wood sub-floor, preparation is the key to professionally installed Commercial Flooring Project. We will come to the jobsite way ahead of time to plan exactly how to proceed with this crucial step. We may have to float a concrete patch compound or even fill in a big hole with concrete. After filling we'll make sure the floor is almost as smooth as a stick of grandmas butter that's been sitting in the fridge. Grinding using diamond bits and sanding down wood subfloor humps are all part of the necessary floor prep process for commercial flooring applications. At times we will need to re-construct floor joists and install new OSB sub-floor. 

Rest assured your commercial project is in experienced hands with Blue Ridge Floors.

Level Up Your Commercial Flooring Provider

You have many options for your next commercial flooring project. Consider our team to help you measure, quote, install and finish your next project.


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