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Tile Floor Installation

Top 10 Questions to ask your Hardwood Flooring Contractor before installation

Expert Tile Flooring Installers

While many types of flooring lend themselves to DIYers, tile flooring is generally best left to professional tile installers.


Tile floor installation often requires a number of specialty tools that can be expensive to buy or rent. Safety is also a concern, as operating a tile saw can be both daunting and dangerous for a novice.


Properly installing tile requires strict adherence to numerous steps that can easily go wrong for a first-timer. Floors must be leveled to prevent lippage, thinset must be mixed in the correct proportions and slaked, depending on the tile format there may be specific requirements for notch spacing, and grout must be removed from the tile surface quickly to prevent hazing.


After considering the cost prohibitiveness of procuring the tools and high probability of erring in one or more installation steps, the value of hiring expert tile flooring installers becomes clear. Our professional tile flooring installation team has over 50 years of combined experience ensuring your tile floors are installed properly, safely and on-time everytime.

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Tile Flooring Installation Process

Successful home improvement projects start with a good plan. We have a clear and comprehensive tile flooring installation process that ensures you get the best flooring product and that installation is completed without a hitch.

Consultation with Tile Flooring Professional

The first step in Blue Ridge Floors’ tile installation process is connecting you with one of our tile flooring experts. Your dedicated tile flooring specialist will guide you through choosing the right porcelain or ceramic tile for your needs, taking into consideration: budget, flooring pattern, maintenance levels, and style.


With your ideal floor tile chosen, your tile flooring consultant will gather the information required to provide you an accurate estimate for the total cost of the product and labor, and how long it will take to complete your new floor.


Finally, your consultant will schedule your flooring installation and let you know any actions you need to take to prepare for the installation days.

Tile Flooring Installation Steps

To give you an idea of what to expect on installation day, here are the steps our team of tile flooring experts will complete:


  1. Remove any items from the room

  2. Carefully remove flooring trim such as baseboards, quarter round or shoe molding

  3. Measure each dimension of the floor – accounting for plumbing, cabinetry or walls out of plumb

  4. If necessary, remove the old flooring, inspect and level the subfloor

  5. Install cement board, if required

  6. Plan the flooring layout - “dry fit” tiles to measure cuts around the perimeter of the floor and ensure no edge tiles will be too narrow

  7. Undercut door jambs

  8. Cut the tiles

  9. Mix, slake and apply thinset

  10.  Adhere the tiles to the thinset

  11. Allow 24 hours for tiles to set

  12. Mix and apply grout, then swiftly clean the tile surface to prevent “haze”

  13. Clean the tiles with a specialized solution

  14. Allow grout to set

  15. Reinstall trim work, transition strips and/or thresholds

  16. Remove any debris

  17. Move items back into the room

Invoicing & Follow Up

Once your tile flooring project is complete, we’ll send you an invoice with clear, itemized costs. Your flooring professional will review the installation with you, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with education on cleaning and maintaining your beautiful new floor.

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