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Laminate Floor Installation

Expert Laminate Flooring Installers

Laminate flooring is designed to be easy to install, which appeals to many DIYers, but there are many important things to consider before installing laminate flooring. 


Have you accounted for the width of the last row of planks? Will the row be wide enough, or do you need to start by trimming the first row to ensure the last row is of sufficient width? Do you have a circular saw for cutting planks and an oscillating saw for undercutting door frames? How do you level a subfloor? How do you install around existing plumbing?


Although laminate flooring snaps together and requires fewer tools than traditional hardwood flooring, installation is still a job best left to the professionals. Rest assured all of these concerns and more will be taken care of by our expert laminate flooring installation team with over 50+ years of combined experience.

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Laminate Flooring Installation Process

Successful home improvement projects start with a good plan. We have a clear and comprehensive laminate flooring installation process that ensures you get the best flooring product and that installation is completed without a hitch.

Consultation with Laminate Flooring Professional

The first step in Blue Ridge Floors’ laminate installation process is connecting you with one of our laminate flooring experts. Your dedicated laminate flooring specialist will guide you through choosing the right laminate flooring product for your needs, taking into consideration: budget, flooring pattern, maintenance levels, style, and environmental concerns like moisture level.


With your ideal flooring product chosen, your laminate flooring consultant will gather the information required to provide you an accurate estimate for the total cost of the product and labor, and how long it will take to complete your new floor.


Finally, your consultant will schedule your flooring installation and let you know any actions you need to take to prepare for the installation day.

Laminate Flooring Installation Steps

To give you an idea of what to expect on installation day, here are the steps our team of laminate flooring experts will complete:


  1. Remove any items from the room

  2. Carefully remove flooring trim such as baseboards, quarter round or shoe molding

  3. Measure each dimension of the floor – accounting for plumbing, cabinetry or walls out of plumb

  4. If necessary, remove the old flooring, inspect and level the subfloor

  5. Install underlayment, if required

  6. Plan the flooring layout – ensure no edge planks will be too narrow, prevent overlapping seams, organize the planks to avoid repeating patterns

  7. Cut and install the individual planks

  8. Reinstall flooring trim

  9. Install transition strips and/or thresholds

  10. Remove any debris

  11. Move items back into the room

Invoicing & Follow Up

Once your laminate flooring project is complete, we’ll send you an invoice with clear, itemized costs. Your flooring professional will review the installation with you, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with education on cleaning and maintaining your beautiful new floor.

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