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Custom Floor Vent Installation

Adding custom wood floor vents to your project will take your look from great to amazing!

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What are the Differences Between Floor Vents?

There are two different types of floor vents available for homeowners today, yet many do not know what they are. Here is an explanation of the differences between them.

In-Floor Vents

These vents, commonly known as flush-mount, are completely flat and even with the floor so there is no rim or edge. These are smooth and seamless alongside the floor. These are easier to clean and do not interfere with furniture placement, but can be expensive. They also need to be installed by a professional.

Drop-In Vents

These floor vents, often referred to as self-rimming, have a slight rim all the way around the edges. These are designed to fit over the cut edges of the flooring; as a result, these are easy to install and can be redone at any time. It is not necessary to have a professional install one. However, these can have some disadvantages. It can be difficult to place furniture around a drop-in vent. The area around the rim of the vent will need to be vacuumed frequently in order to keep it clean.

What to Pick

There are pros and cons for each floor vent. Homeowners should review both of the options and decide which one would be the most suitable for their home. If you need to speak to a professional about what floor vent would be the best fit for your home, contact us today to discuss your flooring project.

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