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Hardwood Flooring Finishes

Whether you love a natural look or prefer a stain, you want your hardwood floor finish to look its best and hold up to daily use. With old hardwood sealants, yellowing or discoloration could occur with age, but today’s variety of finishes are better quality, easy to apply, and can even offer moisture protection for the kitchen and bath. We can help you with your hardwood floor choices from high traffic to ecofriendly products for a flawless finish every time.

How to Choose the Right Hardwood Floor Finish

While you do have a few options, most hardwood sealants fall into one of two categories: oil-based or water-based. Which one you prefer may depend on how much protection you need. For example, a formal dining or living room may not get the same level of wear and tear as the kitchen. These are some of the features for the kinds of finishes to help you decide:

  • Water-based – these sealants are quite popular and are available in semi-gloss, high-gloss, or satin finishes. They tend to be more expensive and may require multiple coats, but luckily, they require less drying time.


  • Oil-based – these varieties are typically used in commercial settings, from office buildings to sports arenas. They take quite a bit of time to dry between coats, but they hold up to heavy usage. They may discolor over time and may only last three to five years.


Either category can work well in your home and may enhance the texture and variations of the natural wood type. Our experts can also help you select stains and even match your existing stain for refinishing, additions, and repair work.

We use only the best quality finishes and we use only the top of the line sealing and coating products available. Shop among brands like Bona, Waterlox and Masterline, as well as stains like Minwax and Duraseal. 


Our Hardwood Finish Brands

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Waterlox tung oil finish is the optimal way to preserve wood while revealing its gorgeous color and alluring luster. Waterlox permeates wood surfaces and actually becomes part of the wood itself to resist moisture, dirt, household chemicals, alcoholic beverages, heat and cold and to provide an unprecedented finish.

Eco-Friendly - Green Floor Finishes

We only use top of the line sealing and coating products like Bona, Woca and Monocoat.  These brands have proven to be the most long-lasting and durable of their kind.  Woca and Monocoat boast a VOC-free environment through the total process!  We want to help you LIVE VOC FREE! 

We also carry many of these eco-friendly finishing products in stock. Call today to have us hold your order!


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