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Hardwood Stain Matching

Natural wood is pleasant to look at, but stained wood can be breathtaking. Using the right stain for your home can transform old, worn-out wood to a thing of beauty. There are many things in your home you can stain, including wood chairs, flooring, and molding. It’s important to note, though, that a piece of wood must be properly prepped before staining. This is especially important if you’re stain matching other items in your home.

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Stain Matching Services

There are many reasons to stain match wood components in your home. If you’re installing wood floor and you want it to match your trim, for example, additional staining may be required. Although it seems simple in concept, staining wood is trickier than it seems. Some types of wood take stain more aptly than others. Others require several coats of stain because the wood is porous and soaks it right up. So if you’re trying to match a color in your home by staining your floor, handrails or other wood components, it’s best to trust the experts. It’s also important to make sure the piece you’re staining isn’t already
coated in some type of varnish. Staining wood takes skill to do correctly.  Fortunately, we know exactly what to do when stain matching wood materials in your home. We know how to prep the piece, use the right color of stain and seal it for long-lasting beauty.

Our team consists of several skilled artists working together to create the perfect color wood for your new design or addition. It's not uncommon for us to spend several hours blending custom colors which have been requested by clients in order to achieve a certain look.  We pride ourselves on being patient and knowledgable in this area; and we love a challenge!

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