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Hardwood Stair Installation

We've got carpentry in our blood, so the process of hardwood stair installation comes a bit easier for us and can be done in a short amount of time. This beneficial guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to add hardwood to stairs and finish the look.

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Clean, Measure and Cut Stairs

The first step for installing hardwood stairs is to make sure that your sub-straight is prepared well. You'll want to have a good screw gun and a glue gun with you. Cut the lip on the existing sub floor rough treads of the stairs -- if there is one. Then cut in your new oak, hickory or pine treads using a tape measure to make marks for each side. Use a miter saw to make the straightest cuts and then glue them well.

Position the Risers

Use an adhesive glue on the back of each riser and position it in the proper place on the stair. A finish nailer is then necessary to nail it on properly. Repeat this for each step. A rubber mallet will help to ensure that each stair is even. Shims may also be needed.

Sand and Clean

Once the stairs are properly placed and the glue has dried, gently sand the stairs and vacuum them clean. A stain and polyurethane finish can then be applied.

Quick and Easy

These simple and easy steps will help ensure hardwood stair installation that is quick and easy. Beautiful hardwood stairs can last a lifetime if well cared for.

Stair work is not to be taken lightly in our city.  The pros know the difference between steps which are "thrown together" and a Masterpiece.  Let Blue Ridge Floors add some class to your home's entryway or wherever you may have steps.

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