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Is Waterproof Flooring Right For You?

Finding the right floors for your home is never easy. If you are looking to put down new flooring, you probably want something both attractive and economical, a material that will last for a long time without significant wear but will not break your budget.

If this describes your needs, think about installing waterproof flooring. This flooring option is notable for its versatility and longevity- and its high aesthetic quality ensures that it will look great in your home, too. Learn more about its benefits.

Understanding Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof flooring is exactly what it sounds like. It is a type of flooring created from moisture-resistant materials, often wood-plastic or stone-plastic composites. Unlike other types of flooring, such as hardwood and softwood floors, it will not be damaged by water. In fact, it is functionally waterproof, not allowing water to enter it at all.

Perhaps most conveniently, it is generally very easy to install!

Benefits of Waterproof Flooring

As a homeowner looking for the best, it is understandable to have questions about installing waterproof flooring. Will it actually work? Will it be attractive in your home? These and other questions are good to ask before making any major home improvement decision.

All in all, waterproof flooring has a wide range of benefits, ultimately making it a great choice for any homeowner.

Resistant to Wear

Above all, waterproof floors are probably most appealing for their strength over time. The fact is, traditional hardwood and softwood floors will suffer damage over their lifespan. Spills, scrapes, and leaks take their toll. In some cases, a problem may grow severe before you notice it; for instance, a leak could damage the floor in a corner of a room that's rarely visited. Hardwood can end up swelling and even changing shape. This might ultimately require pulling up a substantial portion of the floor and redoing it.

With waterproof flooring, the material keeps moisture out, meaning you can simply not be concerned about damages. If you suffer a major spill or even an ongoing leak or flooding, your floors will be just fine.

Easy To Maintain

In line with its longevity, waterproof flooring is also particularly easy to maintain over time. You won't need to worry about trying to dry up a big spill before it seeps into the wood. Moisture will not permeate your flooring, so any liquid is easy to clean up, making it great for kitchens. While professional cleanings can help, regular sweeping and vacuuming can get plenty of the maintenance work done yourself.

Stable Over the Long Term

Waterproof flooring's resistance to water and easy maintenance also help to ensure that it can last a long time, in some cases up to two decades or longer. Its water resistance is a major factor. Unlike hardwood floors, for instance, waterproof floors are not as susceptible to mold damage or swelling and cracking, which over time can severely strain traditional wood flooring.


Finally, this flooring simply looks great as well! While some homeowners may be hesitant about installing a less "natural" floor in their home, they should remember that waterproof flooring comes in many options for colors and patterns that can go with just about any decor. Its look is often quite similar to traditional wood flooring, without the hassle of caring for it!

Get Your New Floor Today

If you are in the market for new flooring, reach out to Blue Ridge Floors. We have extensive experience with all manner of flooring and floor installation and can help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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