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Fixing Dull Wood Floors in Your Home

Hardwood floors look beautiful in almost any home and add a lot of value to your home. People love to see richly-colored, smooth wood floors in a house that create a sense of warmth and luxury. But when you have dull wood floors, the impression can be the opposite. Your home feels dated, even when everything else is in pristine condition. So it's time to give the floors a facelift.

Why Are Your Hardwood Floors Dull?

The first step to bringing your floors back to life is to figure out why they are becoming dull in the first place. There are several common culprits that rob your floor of its shine:

  • Wear and Tear

Everyday life can take a big toll on your hardwood floors. As people walk on your floors, they wear down the finish and leave small scuffs. When large items are moved through your home, your floors can sustain damage. Add pets or children to the mix, and you can end up with dull wood floors.

  • The Wrong Cleaners

Cleaning your hardwood floors requires special care. Wood can react badly to too much water, creating a hazy appearance. The cleaning products you use on other surfaces, such as tile may also be too harsh for your wood floors. The chemicals they contain could strip your floor's finish, taking away their shine.

  • Too Much Moisture

Because moisture and wood don't mix, repeated exposure to water could lead to dull looking floors. Consider all potential sources of water in your home. You may have people who often walk in the house with damp shoes or little ones who spill a lot. Moisture that isn't taken care of quickly can make your hardwoods look bad.

  • Problems With Your Floor's Finish

You may also deal with dull wood floors if the sealant on the floor has problems. Most floors are sealed after they are installed with either a water-based solution or an oil-based solution. If these aren't applied correctly or given enough time to dry, you could end up with a lackluster finish instead of the shiny wood floors you had hoped for.

How To Fix Your Dull Looking Floors

To fix your dull hardwoods, start by identifying the problem. For wear and tear, look at ways to physically protect your floor. You can get rugs and floor runners for high-traffic areas. And make sure you use soft, non-scratching pads for the base of any heavy furniture.

Invest in wood-specific cleaners for your floor to make sure chemicals don't make them dull. When you mop your floors, be mindful of how wet the floors get and make sure they are able to dry quickly. Also, address any sources of inadvertent water that could be leaving you with dull wood floors.

If your floors are already looking a bit rundown, Blue Ridge Floors can help restore them. Wood floors are resilient, so we can sand down the top layer of many hardwood floors. This process removes the damaged finish, as well as surface damage and scratches on the wood. Then we will refinish the floors to make them look like new.

Sometimes dull looking floors have been sanded too many times in the past for another restoration. In this case, Blue Ridge Floors can install new wood floors in your home. Our team will work with you to pick new hardwoods that will last for years to come. We can stain them to match the floor you had so your home looks just how you want it.

When you're ready to get rid of dull wood floors and make your home shine again, call Blue Ridge Floors to get great service and a floor you'll love.



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